THEFL aka theforestlawn - are the adopted monikers of American artist Gianni Arone for his focused exploration into the genre and philosophy of process art.

THEFL / theforestlawn - stems from the actual cemeterey, and Gianni's intense interest and philosophy of the moment of death.

"That moment, is truly the quintessential moment...for it occurs for each of us and by each of us in each action or non-action we take. So it carries over to art and the creation of art, quite nicely. This entire life, is a process. So is the act of creating. But I like to keep it to that. The process. As best I can. I find it to be a challenge at rule out concept...pre-concieved notions or expectations, the need to feel bonded to the final result. I battle that confliction and it shows in the works."

THEFL's public works can be found in his local native Los Angeles, as well as Canada, and Australia and he has shown with artists such as Augustine Kofie, Vyal, Codak, John Park, La Pandilla, Van Saro, Dytch, Christina Angelina, Mear One, Tewser, and Max Neutra.

THEFL is also part of the duo DTOAR .